Amazon Is In A Challenging Battle With Microsoft $10 Billion JEDI Cloud Contract

Amazon Is In A Challenging Battle With Microsoft $10 Billion JEDI Cloud Contract

Amazon officially filed a legal case against Microsoft in the US court. This is the first formal case of Amazon against Microsoft, which won in the fight for the JEDI cloud contract with Pentagon. Microsoft selected for this sensitive deal on oct.25th for a contract called Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) contract. JEDI will move the critical of the Defense Department to the cloud for updating the current technology. Amazon representative Drew Hardener states that Microsoft failed to keep its promise. The data has a lot of errors and apparent bias.

It was a shocking decision, as Amazon Web Services was a perfect choice due to the objectives of extremely defending security clearance and cloud provider’s market-dominant position. Experts mention this contract as a “black eye for Amazon” and “crown jewel for Microsoft.” This contract bidding process involved from tech giants Oracle and the involvement by President Donald Trump. President Trump had a public clash with the CEO and Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos. Both Amazon and Bezos were the targets for Trump during his presidency. Trump intentionally speeded up the process of the JEDI bidding with the fear that Amazon Web Services might gain.

Oracle legally challenged the bidding process against Amazon, stating that the improper operation is encouraging the Amazon. Oracle argued that the process includes undisclosed employers and benefits for the Department of Defense officials, and thus, the Pentagon sets a single rule. However, the Federal judge declined the Oracle’s objection. He claimed that the individual clashes of interest would not influence the procurement. IBM also participated in the bid. Google draws out of the contest before bidding it officially, knowing possible conflict with its corporate ethical policy. Google also found that they are not capable of meeting the terms and conditions of the deal. During a press meet in Seoul, US Defense Chief Mark Espier denied the comments of bias in the cloud contract award. He said that he is confident that the bidding process was fair enough without any outside influences.

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