As per CNET review, here are the topmost apps in a decade

As per CNET review, here are the topmost apps in a decade

Since technology is evolving day by day, social media apps are an essential part of everyone’s life. Google play store and iOS App store are providing tons of apps since 2008. They almost have millions of apps to play games, listen to music, and social media apps. CNET made a review of the most impactful apps in a decade. Instagram is the most used app to share photos and even to share vlogs. They added a new IGTI video feature to upload lengthy videos. An Instagram business account is the most incredible tool for marketing. People are promoting their business and gaining millions of followers.

Twitter allows users to post text and media. Twitter brought the world closer in its 13 years of existence. Even the critical people of the nation and celebrities post their thought on twitter. Moreover, the user can tag people to convey the message directly. Facebook is one of the oldest social media apps to have 2.5 million active users. It lets the user connect with their friends and family. However, the platform lost some of its charms due to the user privacy scandal. The game apps like Pokémon Go and angry birds made a significant impact on users. Video streaming apps like Netflix and amazon prime video are not behind in the race.

People move from one city to another for education and jobs. Google maps, along with Uber cabs, are the blessing. People can go anywhere without getting lost. In all these, payments apps are dominating the cash transactions. People can pay using Google pay and apple pay directly from bank accounts. This is a massive advancement in internet banking. Siri came into existence in 2011 to support a voice assistant. Also, Amazon Alexa and Google assistants have apps integrated with their voice assistants. Media players and even the phone calls are now more accessible by the voice assistant. These top apps have become an integral part of people’s life. The CNET review of the apps is in no particular order; they all are the most used apps in 2019.

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