Bacteria in the gut might cause bowel cancer

Bacteria in the gut might cause bowel cancer

Bacteria residing in the stomach might develop bowel cancer. Stomach microbiomes are the collection of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Some of the microbiomes are useful to the body. However, some can lead to bowel cancer. Scientists are researching on this topic. The study of microbiomes on over 4000 people is collecting data. Also, scientists are trying to identify a specific type of bacteria that can cause cancer. A study conducted on mice and humans has shown a relationship between gut bacteria and bowel cancer. However, no solid proof is available. Kaitlin Wade, a researcher on this project, said, “It is unsure whether bacteria cause cancer or cancer is creating that bacteria in the gut. The reason could be completely different.”

A statistical study on a new dataset on bowel cancer found the specific bacteria that can increase the risk of bowel cancer by 15%. Also, Scientists are studying genetic inheritance to find the connection. The previous study involved DNA gene sequencing. Scientists are using the Mendelian randomization algorithm in this research. This is the first research on cancer using that algorithm. Scientists are trying to find a new correlation between gut bacteria and bowel cancer.

The previous study also found the specific bacteria in the gut of bowel cancer patients. However, this new study is yet to publish. Scientists want to find out the exact species of these specific bacteria. They are unsure about the correlation. They are trying to find the full fudge proof. Only after that, the research will be published. Ian Tomlinson, a researcher from Edinburgh University, said, “It is important to understand the formation of these bacteria. The research does not have casual proof.” Scientists have found a link between gut bacteria and bowel cancer over many years. However, there still are many unanswered questions. On this date, there is a possibility that gut bacteria are responsible for bowel cancer.

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