Baking cookies in space can be a successful experiment of astronauts at NASA

Baking cookies in space can be a successful experiment of astronauts at NASA

Something that can sound weird to you is “Cookies in space.” But this odd thing is a kind of space cooking experiment managed by NASA. A cargo craft was released in Virginia on Saturday, along with a space oven. “Zero-G Oven,” (an official name of the space oven) took off with baking ingredients. This is the first time astronauts have decided to try baking in space. There is also a 3.7-ton shipment of food for the crew along with the baking ingredients and oven. NASA cleared that the objective behind this experiment is to check the oven made on the International Space Station for microgravity.

NASA said on the mission page, this cylindrical shaped insulated oven investigates the chances and hindrances of baking meals in microgravity. Investigators further investigate the process of heating and cooling this phase oven so that it does not cause any harm to the crew members. Food is maintained stable while baking, and a combined cooling rack are there to keep the food sealed and protect the crew members from burning while handling the meal. Space Oven Website States that “though convention is hard at zero gravity, the process of heating takes place through electric heating elements which are also available in the toaster oven. International Space Station’s internal power system will provide electricity to the oven. The insulation will build a pouch of heat all around the food through which baking will take place.

According to NASA, “by using the oven will help them in providing a clear understanding of primary heat transfer properties in microgravity.” The result obtained will help the scientist in comparing the differences between baking on space and Earth. This is not the first time that astronauts are experimenting with food in space. Previously, astronauts have successfully grown plants at International Space Station. The astronauts hope that they will able to see positive results with baking cookies also.

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