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It is good to see that people are seeking to contribute their efforts to us. First of all, you are welcome at Guildwars Insider. It is a news portal that aims to present the latest news offerings. Guildwars Insider mainly focuses on Science, Technology, Business, and Healthcare. So if you have any story or article, do share with us at Guildwars Insider. Even more, we motivate our readers to share their ideas on the portal. It is also an opportunity to become a part of our continuously evolving and dedicated news feed.

We are aware of the fact that scripting news related to the sectors mentioned above is a lengthy process and also needs the efforts of the writer. Thus whenever we receive material from your side, our editorial team judges the article to ensure it is a good one. The notable thing is you have to consider various aspects while writing like grammar, sentence formation, tenses, etc. All in all, it depends on inspectors, whether to publish the article or not. Obviously, their decision will rely on the quality, perfection, relevancy, and overall presentation of submitted work.

We are genuinely committed to dispensing the latest happenings in the Science, Technology, Business, and Healthcare industry, by offering top quality standards. For this reason, we request our likely contributors to take a glance at Guildwars Insider as well as blogs. It will assist you in scripting a content that matches the level of our guidelines specially crafted for the contributors.

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  • While selecting a topic for writing, choose a fresh one, i.e., recently happened in the industry.
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  • The minimum word bar is 300 words; at max, an article can have 350 words. In case you are missing an essential aspect of the story due to the given limit; you can extend it for some.
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