Cannabis smokers may suffer a stroke attack in the future

Cannabis smokers may suffer a stroke attack in the future

A new study has found smoking cannabis might double the chances of suffering from a stroke. Researchers studied more than 40k adults aged between 18 and 45 over a long period. By their theory, the ones who used cannabis more than three times a week have chances like two and a half times more to have a stroke than compared to non-smokers. People who used cannabis and who also smoked cigarettes or used vape products have got triple the risk compared to non-users. Not only that, the new research adds to a growing body of evidence that says cannabis can lead to a life-threatening condition. According to scientists, doctors should make their patients aware who are smokers about the risks; for now, the drug becomes more accessible in a growing number of states.

As per previous research, compounds known as cannabinoids in cannabis might cause blood vessels in the brain to narrow, resulting in a stroke. In eleven states of the US, the recreational use of marijuana has already been legalized, including California, Colorado, and Massachusetts. Cannabis is also taken for medical purposes in 21 additional states, such as Illinois, Florida, and Pennsylvania. The latest study, by George Mason University in Fairfax reported that nearly 14 percent of participants used cannabis in the last 30 days. If we compare them with non-users, marijuana smokers were often younger, less likely to be college graduates, and usually physically active.

Cannabis is mostly taken by heavy drinkers and smoke cigarettes or vape, the researchers have found so. The study was entirely observational, and the reason why smoking cannabis will lead to strokes is not found yet. Lead study author, Tarang Parekh said that ‘Young cannabis users, especially those who use tobacco and have other risk factors for strokes, such as high blood pressure, should understand that they may be raising their risk of having a stroke at a young age. Physicians should ask patients if they use cannabis and counsel them about their potential stroke risk as part of regular doctor visits.’

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