Details of a New Samsung Galaxy Flagship Phone Emerge Online

Details of a New Samsung Galaxy Flagship Phone Emerge Online

It was only in February this year that Samsung unveiled its flagship-class Galaxy S10 lineup. However, the leaks and rumor sites have been hinting at an upcoming Galaxy S 10 variant for some time. Now, the patent for a Galaxy S10 variant has been spotted, and it is likely to be named Galaxy S10 Lite. It is going to sport premium spec much like the S10. As per the buzz, the upcoming Galaxy S10 variant will have a SnapDragon 855 chip inside along with 8GB of RAM. The device may have a 6.7 inch OLED display and a multi-lens setup at the back. A few days back, the device reportedly passed through Geekbench.

The latest leaks reveal the upcoming Galaxy S10 variant will look much like the Galaxy S10+. It will feature twin dual front-facing cameras at the display’s right edge. The back will have a dual-camera setup and a Led flash. However, the device may get some changes when it reaches the production stage, and that can be a tad different from the patent model. There can be changes in camera setup and sensors. The battery capacity of the phone is not confirmed, but it can be on the higher side. It will most likely have support for fast charging technology. It is not clear if the device will feature any standard for dust and water resistance or not.

While the upcoming Galaxy phone will have top-end spec inside, a section of tech experts think it may not be the S10 Lite-after all. The launch schedule is not in sync with that of the Galaxy S lineup- they have pointed out. It may also be a new version in the Galaxy A lineup. Notably, Samsung has unveiled several devices in the A series this year, and another addition may be on the cards. So far, Samsung has not confirmed the identity of the device officially. However, it will not be long before an official teaser is released on the Samsung website.

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