Evidence Suggests That Vitamin E has caused vaping Illness Outbreak

Evidence Suggests That Vitamin E has caused vaping Illness Outbreak

Officials of the Federal health announced on Friday an achievement in discovering the truth about the extent of people’s illness from vaping. In the lung fluid samples taken from all the tested patients, they found the vitamin E-acetate, a synthetic and oily vitamin form, usually applied to the black-market products of vaping. Health officials and doctors believed, for months now, that vitamin E acetate can induce EVALI or the E-cigarette, or Vaping, product use Associated Lung Injury. Oils have been known as the cause of a rare type of pneumonia when inhaled. Vitamin E acetate has been detected by the vaping products related to EVALI cases. Nevertheless, as per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there was no real evidence for its role up to this point.

On Friday, CDC officials announced in a press conference the test reports of 29 EVALI patients from throughout the country. The prevalence of vitamin E acetate was apparent all over their lungs. In contrast, other contaminants, such as plant or mineral oil, were not evident in vaping products, which had a high chance of causing such injuries. As per Anne Schuchat, Principal Deputy Director of CDC, these test results are clear evidence that vitamin E acetate, which has found in the main places in the lungs were the actual cause of the illness. According to Schuchat, these results were indeed a milestone.

The findings in the laboratory further underline the most common factor that binds EVALI patients together. All of these patients have a history of using THC vaping products quite recently. When tested thoroughly, in over 82 percent of all the fluid samples tested, they were THC positive. In the same lot, around 62 percent of the total samples contained nicotine in them. It was quite interesting to see that three patients, who claimed that they were not using THC in any way, were also tested positive. This supported the theory that a small portion of the patients suffering from EVALI was caused exclusively by the usage of nicotine and related products. Such conditions are found rarely and account for approximately 11 percent of all patients with EVALI.

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