Ford Recalls F-150 Pickup Along With Other Vehicles over Numerous Snags

Ford Recalls F-150 Pickup Along With Other Vehicles over Numerous Snags

In a massive recall, US automobile giant Ford is covering F-150 pickup trucks, Lincoln MKX, along with its Super Duty lineup. In this recall, almost 168,000 F-150 pickup trucks will get affected, said the company. The F-150 is the bestselling vehicle for Ford in the USA, and it competes with GM and Nissan rivals. The recall covers the cars sold in North America, and the company said that vehicles are being recalled owing to a fire risk. The affected vehicles reportedly have electrical problems that may stall the engines and lead to fire hazards too. The battery-terminal fastener issue may lead to this, as per the company statement. The trucks affected by the vast recall were manufactured at the company’s Dearborn Truck Plant and Kansas City Assembly Plant.

While Ford said it has not heard of any injury or accidents owing to this issue, the company does not want to take any risk. The majority of the recalled F 150 trucks were sold in the USA, and a section was sold in Mexico and Canada. The recalled trucks belong to the 2020 and 2019 model years. The Ford dealers check the battery cable joint and look for excess adhesive in the parts. The units will then get reassembled by them, and the issue will get resolved. Ford also said owners of the affected trucks would start receiving notifications from the last week of November 2019.

Ford also recalls some other vehicles apart from 2016-17 Lincoln MKX and Super duty trucks. The MKX models may have part errors that lead to fire hazards. A few incidents happened to this issue, but no one got injured. The MKX vehicles that are being recalled were manufactured at the company’s Oakville Assembly Plant. The company is also recalling over 100000 Super Duty trucks as their LED headlamps do not comply with the federal vehicle safety standards. Ford is not aware of any accident caused by this issue, as well.

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