Google soon will release an Incognito mode for maps

Google soon will release an Incognito mode for maps

Google has recently announced a new incognito feature for maps. Map’s preview group is testing the feature. Google announced this feature early this year. Similarly, the incognito mode for the search will release soon. These features are privacy tools. Incognito for maps will have similar features like incognito mode of Chrome and YouTube. Maps will not save locations and directions of the users in incognito mode. Users need to tap on the profile to switch the modes. Chrome and YouTube show a black bar at the top, indicating incognito mode. Similarly, the incognito option on maps will turn on the black bar at the top saying, “Incognito mode is on.”

However, this feature has a few limitations. Some features will not work in this mode. Users will not be able to share location or access the offline maps. Besides, users will not be able to obtain saved places. The limitations of this new feature are available on google map’s guide.

Moreover, user’s internet providers and some other apps can track a user’s locations. Google twitted about this feature in May. They also announced the auto-delete feature for the location history. The auto-delete feature is also available on YouTube, where users can schedule the deletion. Google assistant can help you delete your history by simple commands like “Hey Google, delete everything from the last week.”
The incognito feature for maps will help users save their recommendations. Hence, the search results will not affect the user’s personalized look. Google CEO Sundar Pichai promised this feature along with the auto-deletion feature. Android users may not have wait too long. However, iOS users need to wait a little longer. This feature will not only offer full-fledged privacy but also will save the personalized setup of maps. User needs not to worry about the search history. The feature will roll out in android devices within a couple of weeks.

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