Hospital Equipment May Have Contaminated the Breast Milk with Bacteria

Hospital Equipment May Have Contaminated the Breast Milk with Bacteria

Doctors of a hospital in Pennsylvania said on Friday that the origin of a waterborne infection that made eight infants sick and killed three of them had been identified. The system that used to produce donor breast milk was identified as the cause for the outbreak that occurred at the neonatal intensive care unit of the hospital, as stated by the Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, Pennsylvania. Pseudomonas Bacterium was traced in DNA testing in the devices for measuring the donor breast milk and administering them. Geisinger claims that since the incident, only single-use equipment was being used. Authorities in the hospital clarified that the cause of exposure was not the milk itself.

Dr. Edward Hartle, Geisinger’s Executive Vice-president and Chief Medical Officer, stated that they did not find any such new cases in NICU after this change was made. For vulnerable patients, Pseudomonas bacteria are healthy and often harmless, but they may pose a health risk for weak patients. The most significant medical network in Pennsylvania, Geisinger has sent the premature babies and to be mothers in different facilities, as the outbreak is investigated. The hospital has confirmed that it will discuss with the health officials of the state about when it can restore normal activities. They stated their sincere apologies to all the families that have been affected. They recognize that the people hold them in the highest standard possible, and they will continue to maintain their high standards, continuously improving the way of how they do things.

Families of one of the premature infants who died in Geisinger filed a suit, arguing that hospital officials didn’t do enough to protect the baby, despite two babies already dying previously. Matt Casey, the attorney who is also the representative of another family whose baby has died as well, reported that Pseudomonas infections in the NICU of Geisinger had been identified. He has not yet confirmed whether or not the causes of the earlier infections were the same as of now.

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