Motorola’s Upcoming Razr Revival Can Be a Foldable Phone Suggests New Leaks

Motorola’s Upcoming Razr Revival Can Be a Foldable Phone Suggests New Leaks

There have been very few mobile phone models that could match the tremendous popularity and cult status of the original MotoRazr. The Razr was a futuristic-looking and stylish device that took the world by storm a decade back. Now that Motorola is aiming to stave competition in mid-range smartphones and needs a premium device to outshine Chinese rivals, the company is reportedly reviving the iconic Razr Phone. Several leaks have appeared online so far, and they hint at the launch of a foldable phone under the Razr lineup. The excitement has reached a new high as the company is slated to launch the device at an event on November 13th. The event invite throws some light on what to expect at the launch. Though some details have purposely kept under the wraps.

Earlier, Evan Blass, the famous Serial mobile leaker, shared an image of the device on Twitter and hinted at an external display. As per the online rumor sites and numerous leaks, the device will have a large screen inside. It seems that the new Razr from Motorola will be a premium device even though the exact cost is unknown. The rumors of the slightly mid-range spec have not exactly dampened the spirit of the fans. It is reportedly coming with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 Chip with 4-6 GB of RAM. The device will also have an Adreno 616 graphics chip inside, and the expected price will be close to $1,500.

While flip phones are not exactly new, one with a foldable display is uncommon. Hopefully, Motorola will be able to evade the mistakes made by Samsung in this regard. The Galaxy Fold’s usability hassles gave the South Korean giant sleepless nights before it could fix the issues. The plastic-like folding display of the Galaxy Fold was just way too fragile for real-life usage needs. If the folding screen proves to be robust, Motorola has a good chance of producing a phone that will catapult the company back to the spot it enjoyed in the early 2000s.

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