New Fingerprint Technology Can Detect the Drug Addicts and Dealers Even After Washing Hands

New Fingerprint Technology Can Detect the Drug Addicts and Dealers Even After Washing Hands

Scientists used advanced technology to identify drug users and dealers. A forensic test discovered by scientists in the UK differentiates between someone who has taken the drug or who unknowingly shaken hands with drug users or drug dealers. Scientists from the University of Surrey developed a tool by collecting ten samples of the people who are in the rehabilitation clinic. These people used heroin or cocaine, and the samples collected from them within 24hours. Before collecting samples of the fingerprints, all the members asked to wash the hands with soap and water. They have kept disposable gloves for the hands to make them sweat and thus collected the fingerprints sample.

“Our result says that this non-surgical and new technology is sensitive to identify the class a drug in several aspects. Even after people washed their hands using different methods,” says Caria Costa, a researcher, The University of Surrey. The same test was held on the 50 non-drug users to differentiate the two groups. Our researchers at the University of Surrey believe that this new technology will give safety to our communities. This technology will ease the way for those who are struggling with their addictions,” announced Dr. Melanie Bailey, co-author in The Journal of Analytical Toxicology.

He also said that “This technology is also useful to identify whether the patient is taking regular medication or not. This helps to keep track of the patient’s medication, which ultimately gives motivation for the patient. Caria Costa said, “Significantly, this research tells that the process of hand washing is important when trying to identify a person has used a Class a drug.” The researchers also applied similar technology to identify the unknown signals of cocaine use. The National Crime Agency made the biggest ever capture of the heroin in Felixstowe. In August. The agency has seized near 1.3 tones of heroin, which values more than £120 million.

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