Pixel 3 Gets Pixel 4 Type Google Assistant

Pixel 3 Gets Pixel 4 Type Google Assistant

There is good news for the Google Pixel fans those who bought the Google Pixel 3 recently. Google has always been the first to roll out any updates that are being provided to Android smartphones. This time, Google Pixel 3 users are getting the new update of their beloved Google assistant. Reportedly, the new Google Assistant that is going to come in the Google Pixel 4 phones have inspired the company to provide the Google Pixel 3 users with a more compact and smaller version of the same updated Google Assistant. At present, the older Pixel phone users have already started receiving the updated for the Google Assistant.

In Reddit, many of the owners of the Google smartphone models, such as the Google Pixel 3 and the Google Pixel 3 XL, have reported that the Google Assistant present in their devices after the update seems to be of a more condensed UI. As by the looks and functionalities, it is very much similar to the latest Google Assistant that is present in the Google Pixel 4. However, all functionalities of the new Google Assistant have not been added. For example, the new Google Assistant has features like screen context and continuous conversation. These features are not seen in the latest Google Assistant update in the Google Pixel 3 phones. A lot has changed, definitely, though. For instance, the new Google Assistant that is available in the Google Pixel 3 at present is not taking up the whole screen place.

The new Assistant can adjust its size with the length of the answer. This means that instead of covering the entire display, only one-third of the screen from the bottom is taken up by the new Google Assistant. The Assistant present in Google Pixel 4 has a transparent look, which is not available in the new compact Assistant. All the Google Pixel 3 devices have not received the update for the Assistant at present, even though all of the Pixel 3 devices are reported to get the update on the Google Assistant sooner or later.

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