Pokémon Go is all set for an AR multiplayer trait named Buddy Adventure

Pokémon Go is all set for an AR multiplayer trait named Buddy Adventure

Niantic Labs is all set for its next-generation AR technology and bringing it out of the trial stage. According to the company, Buddy Adventure, which is a multiplayer life feature of Pokémon Go, is it ready to make its way to mobile augmented reality games within a few months. The feature is planted on Niantic’s Codename, which is a Neon multiplayer augmented reality technology that was already seen last year. This unique feature has made it possible for different devices to build mutual objects within a common framework so that both the players of the game can see similar objects while playing the game through their Android camera lens. According to Niantic, Buddy Adventure will allow the players to choose a buddy pokémon to pair with by the usage of the same Buddy system. In this way, you will get an opportunity to experience a new adventure with another player. Though it is not much clear about the type of adventure you will experience, but a demo video has shown Pikachu as a more realistic creature to whom you can feed berries also.

According to the director of Niantic, “the new feature of Pokémon Go will not only permit the players to interact with their Pokemon through the AR camera, but Buddy Adventure will also allow the players to see their real-life friends making interaction with their buddy pokémon.”

Apart from this, Niantic is up to make some other important announcements, which are related to AR. It is coming up with its most interesting augmented reality occlusion technology that will allow AR objects to connect with the real world more realistically. The last piece of news about Niantic updates includes it’s latest Beyond Reality Fund and Creator Program. These are two different initiatives that will look at the company’s financial backup, and it’s the accessibility to Real World Platform for AR startups and application makers.

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