Pot smokers to face almost face stroke twice

Pot smokers to face almost face stroke twice

Pot smokers are now more likely to get heart strokes than those of them who do not smoke. Smokers tend to be hospitalized for an erratic heartbeat that could easily take a dangerous turn. When the world is fighting for marijuana and the herbs to get legal, some scientists found that these herbs are also introduced as a cure for certain medical conditions and cases.

In some studies, scientists have found that people who do not smoke marijuana in a month more than 10-11 times tend to get more strokes than those of smokers. The uprising of the stroke in teens and young adults was a surprise to the medical ground, and that is why the scientists decided to solve the mystery. At least 43,000 adults who fall under the age group of 18 to 45 smoke weed on a daily or a weekly basis. The risk of stroke rises when the abuser uses tobacco. The risks not only can cause heart strokes, but it also has risen the blood pressure up. During the first time of the research, the reason for heart stroke was high blood pressure, but the cause of high blood pressure shook the scientists and the doctors. Marijuana also tends to increase blood clotting and cause arteries that fuel in the oil in the body.

Even when the debate is neutral, the majority believe that cannabis or marijuana should get the right amount of shout-out from the doctors. Still, then with a close-up, it has been now proved that most people who are between the age of 24-30 are more likely to suffer from an irregular heartbeat and can get hospitalized due to arrhythmia. In the last few years, 570,000 people were hospitalized due to arrhythmia. Not to forget, some of those people also get admitted to the hospital for having the cannabis-use disorder. The hospital beds are so empty now since most of them get heart stroke or are weed addict.

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