Scientist’s Concern After the Launch of SpaceX’s Starlink Satellites

Scientist’s Concern After the Launch of SpaceX’s Starlink Satellites

While every company is running its joints for an internet service in space, astronomers are raising their concerns on how this is going to impact the research with telescopes on Earth. On Monday, SpaceX has again launched another set of 60 satellites into space. Is was their second release for Starlink, intending to create a constellation of satellites to provide internet services throughout the world. When the first batch of Satellites was released back in May, scientists and astronomers were concerned about the enormous lights that were emitted by the constellation, which would cause a hindrance to the research.

Since then, scientists have been trying to raise their concern to SpaceX about the impact of Starlink satellites. In response to this, SpaceX said they are moving with full steam on this. After this incident, last month, Elon Musk twitted that his company was requesting permissions for the approval of as many as 30,000 satellites over the 12,000 already approved by the Federal Communications Commission. If the amount of satellites they are saying is supported, in the low-Earth orbit alone, Starlink constellation will cover more than eight times the total number of satellites that currently orbit Earth. Once the astronomers have seen the trail of Starlink satellites moving like some false stars, they were quite sure that the night sky would never be the same again.

After the release of the first batch, American Astronomical Society has raised its concerns about the hurdles they have to face with their upcoming researches. Starlink satellites are most likely to create light pollutions, which makes them indifferent from the real stars. Along with that, Starlink’s satellite radio wavelengths are more likely to create a havoc interference with the wavelengths that the astronomers use. While SpaceX is working for the overall benefit of the world, they are also working to minimize the drawbacks that come with this outcome.

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