Tesla Woes Continue As Nevada Gigafactory Safety Issues Keep On Mounting

Tesla Woes Continue As Nevada Gigafactory Safety Issues Keep On Mounting

The woes for Tesla continue, and these are not limited to vehicle safety issues and malfunctions, leading to grave accidents. According to a new report published in USA Today, the Tesla employees are finding it hard to evade accidents that keep occurring at the Gigafactory at Nevada. The investigation that has sent shock waves across the tech and business circles reveals the factory has witnessed numerous workplace injuries and accidents in the last few years. The more alarming thing is not all such injuries are being reported to the OSHA by Tesla. The report highlights several workplace safety issues along with a lack of basic amenities at the Nevada Gigafactory. There are other woes like lack of enough accommodation for the workforce and even shortage of enough bathrooms.

The scene was different a few years back when Elon Musk made Nevada enthusiastic with his claims of creating new employment scopes and setting up a massive factory in the state. He obtained tax breaks and setting up the Gigafactory indeed created plenty of jobs for the locals. However, the impact of the operations has started taking a toll on local services and the safety of the workforce.

The 911 and OSHA inspection records analysis reveals some shocking facts about the Nevada Gigafactory. On average, three injuries occur at the plant per month, which is higher than other companies and businesses. A former employee of the Gigafactory, Lane Dillon, now studying at the Georgia Institute of Technology, ended up losing part of the index finger in such an incident. It was, however, not reported to the OSHA. Tesla employees have said they need to call 911 arises more often than it does at other places. The incidents like head injuries caused by construction debris coming off the roof during storms and workers falling through the floor holes are shocking. In a chemical spill incident at the Gigafactory, Tesla managers allegedly did not cooperate with the emergency response teams. However, Tesla responded to this report saying a handful of isolated incidents do not reflect its overall safety culture and practices.

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