The USA begins national security inquiry into ticktok

The USA begins national security inquiry into ticktok

Ticktok is a Chinese based android and iOS social media video app used for comedy, short lip-sync, and talent video. Ticktok tock craze among youth has taken social media by storm. According to sensor tower, tictok’s app has been downloaded more than 750million times, overthrowing likes of Facebook, YouTube, and snap chat. Challenges are one of the critical aspects of TikTok.Video bits that get acted out on masse, with people producing varied responses to an outstanding meme. It provides a user-friendly platform to its users to display their creativity to the world as a result of which it has become one of the most downloaded apps and transnational cultural phenomena.

Ticktok parent company is a Beijing based Bytedance.In 2017 Bytedance acquired USA based app that became ticktock in the USA. A federal panel in the United States is now reviewing this acquisition amid tension between the USA china trade war. Ticktok is considered a security threat. The USA has already banned Chinese based telecommunication equipment giant Huawei on similar ground. President Trump holds the view that Huawei networking equipment is used to collect USA citizen’s data a potential threat to privacy. Ticktok is often called a social media sensation is accused of censoring content which is not in sync with the Chinese government directives.

Common citizens are unaware of such complexities, and app has become quite popular among Gen x. In the first quarter of 2019, Ticktok topline was $675 million despite it not allowing a paid political advertisement in its platform. Earlier this month ticktok was in the news because of wrong reasons as Britain launched an inquiry into whether ticktok infringed Europe’s general data protection regulation act. Ticktok uses algorithms and provides entertainment from public profiles, while other social media apps are used to connect buddies. Glimpsing ticktok huge success tech giants like Facebook are testing lasso, and YouTube is eyeing to take over on similar firework app like ticktok. It is no surprise that these giants are closely examining TikTok’s successful strategy of easy design, effective publicity, attention to varied locales, and pointed acquisition, with a vision to understanding and copying the magic formula for succeeding in worldwide markets.

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