USA Records Frigid Temperatures with Cold Air of Siberia

USA Records Frigid Temperatures with Cold Air of Siberia

It is quite hard to believe. Still, reports have suggested that Siberian weather, especially the cold air that is moving in from Siberia, is moving towards a large section of the land covered by the U.S. and could set a new record in the low levels of temperature, especially between Texas and New England. Areas of the North-East had already seen the snowfall for the first time this season, with the ground areas getting covered by snow already, in Erie, Pennsylvania. Kevin Donofrio, the chief meteorologist of the National Weather Service, said on Saturday that the National Digital Forecast Database of the weather service indicates that between Monday and Wednesday, some 200 records of falling may be observed. He further stated that on Tuesday, for instance, the temperature expected at the International Airport of Chicago O’Hare is likely to be 23 degrees.

Compared to the lowest degree ever recorded in this place in 1995, the expected temperature is still lower by 5 degrees. The cold front is forecast on Sunday to pass through the Upper Midwest region and around the North Plains, accompanied by temperatures dipping below zero degrees all over the South and the Eastern part to the Gulf Coast, on Monday and Tuesday. This can cause the temperature to remain cold for a more extended period. As a result, it is to be expected that people will feel the cold temperatures like January. Some specific locations have seen a massive coldness spread out this year, with temperatures dropping down to almost 30 degrees than the typical cold temperatures.

Donofrio stated that snowfall is expected to happen due to the leading edge of the system this weekend and especially on Monday, which is also the Veterans Day. The temperature levels will continue to decline further, even though the rate of the snowfall is expected to be reduced by Monday night. In any such case, the temperatures will be very much lower than the normal, and people may face some slight problems due to snowfall.

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