Wireless Mouse from Razer’s Comes with Excellent Features at $60

Wireless Mouse from Razer’s Comes with Excellent Features at $60

Razer’s Basilisk’s mouse is well-known to gadget enthusiasts. Currently, Razer is looking to add another member to this family with some models, which aim at delivering low-latency wireless mouse to customers, making them more powerful as well as accessible. The most exciting model in this regard is the Basilisk X Hyper Speed, which has six buttons. Also, this model is highly affordable. The mouse has a 16,000 DPI sensor along with Bluetooth support. The low-lag Hyper Speed wireless mouse is available for $60. This model helps in saving on the costs of batteries. This is because a single AA cell delivers almost the use of 12 days on 2.4 GHz USB Dongle and nearly 19 days on Bluetooth. The longevity of the batteries is quite evident when compared to other mice from different companies.

Another model which needs special mention here is the Basilisk Ultimate. This mouse is a spare-no-expense option and a commendable one. It has the same 20,000 DPI sensor similar to that of Viper Ultimate and comes with 11 buttons with the capability of switching for reducing risks of any corrosive effects or delays. Moreover, the mouse comes with five on-device memory profiles. Though it is a wireless mouse, there is also the option of wired usage in the gadget. Another exciting feature of the mouse is that it has excellent Chroma RGB lighting. Using the mouse in the dark is no problem at all as a reason. There is a slight hitch when it comes to the performance of the mouse. The battery of the mouse will not last for almost 100 hours while using the 4GHz dongle. There is no Bluetooth on this mouse. However, the low battery life does not hamper the actual performance of the mouse when in action. Basilisk Ultimate is available at $150 usually. But when it is purchased with a Mouse Dock for making recharging convenient and straightforward, it is priced at $170.

Both the models of mice are currently available. The Mouse Dock can be purchased separately at $50 if there is a need for it later.

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